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We are a team of 7 Manchester United fans dedicated to writing articles about the greatest football team in the world, Manchester United.

The United Devils was founded in October 2015. We were just a young group of football fans wanting to share our opinions on our club and have pushed on since then to continue this website.

We started by writing roughly one article per week and that was generally on each game. However, over time we have managed to recruit more and more writers so that we can produce more mouth-watering content about United. Now we are at the point where we upload an article almost everyday on all-things Manchester United.

Our biggest month came 2 years ago when the Euros were on. We tried our best to post for as many games as possible, but it was a stretch due to our limited resources. However, this summer we aim to be covering almost everything in the World Cup, totaling around 80 articles.

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About us:


My name is Dillan and I am an avid Manchester United fan. I started up this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on all things Manchester United. I regularly attend Manchester United and England games to support my club and country. MANCHESTER IS RED.


Hey, I'm Suraj! I'm a regular 19 year old with an insatiable love for Manchester United. I love watching and writing about the greatest club ever. I firmly believe that Sir Alex Ferguson is a God.

Jayson - I started following soccer/football after the 1994 World Cup in the United States. The most famous team in the world was and is Manchester United so I adopted the Red Devils.

Hi my name is Arjun and I'm 18 years old. I have been a Manchester United fan for almost 5 years and have been a writer for The United Devils since October 2017. My favourite current player is Anthony Martial and my footballing idol is Andy Cole

Hi. My name is Achillies. I am thirty three years old, and I've been a massive Manchester United fan since I was five. The passion I have for the club is immense. It is an honour and privilege to have the chance to write about them. Cantona is, and always will be, my favourite Utd player of all time.

Hey I am Sajiv! I am 18 years old and I am a blogger and avid Manchester United Fan since 12 years. I believe that United will be on the pinnacle of European football very soon. I idolize Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane

Hey I’m John! There’s no better way to enjoy football by writing for the best team in the world, Manchester United. I hope you enjoy reading all the great content on our blog.


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