Ronaldo vs Messi: Who is Better?

You have probably read through many articles that have attempted to influence or provide you with their interpretations on the question that looms on every football fans mind, Ronaldo or Messi? In this article, I will provide you with rare key analysis, which unlike other articles, will allow you to make your own decision. Before we can delve into the question it is vital that we acknowledge that the efforts, dedication and sheer ability of these players is unquestionable. What we can question however, is which player’s ability enables them to exert a greater influence in football both at club and national level. 


As of latest (2015), Ronaldo currently plays for Real Madrid and Portugal whilst Messi offers his services for Barcelona and the Argentinian National team. Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal whilst Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina. Whilst many may think the two payers are very different I have managed to uncover evidence that says otherwise. Both players in their early life, in adolescence, succumbed to many difficulties that inspired them to aspire greater success. Ronaldo experienced bullying and grew up with an alcoholic father who as of current is dead. Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of 13. He unfortunately often experienced bullying as a result.


The position that both players play is very integral in assessing the influence that their ability exerts in matches. Ronaldo has very much always played the Left Wing position for much of his career. As of the previous few years, Ronaldo has gradually began to transition into the ‘No. 9 Striker position’ and many football critics such as Guilllem Balague, have argued that perhaps Ronaldo’s growing age is now taking a toll on his body therefore becoming a permanent striker would benefit him. Ronaldo has proved to be effective in his favoured Left Wing position, and the evidence often brought up to reinforce this idea is his prolific goal scoring. Ronaldo has unbelievably managed to score 50+ goals in the past 4 consecutive years. He has also claimed 32 hat-tricks which is a current record.  Over the years, we have always seen Ronaldo sprint down the wing and cut in and always produce something magical that lifts us up of our seats. It’s easier knowing what he’s going to do but stopping him is a completely different task. Furthermore, the fact that he has been able to consistently do this exemplifies Ronaldo’s influence at club level.

Messi on the other hand, began his career operating on the right wing position.  Messi did excel in this position and so attracted our interests with his break through into the Barcelona XI at the raw age of 19. Gradually due to many factors and Messi’s progressive influence in the team, he was moved to the Centre-Forward Position. It is arguable that Messi has effectively reached astonishing heights in his career via this transition. Messi also regarded a prolific goal scorer, has set a plethora of new records to emphasise his claim as No.1 in the world. Most notably we witnessed him become the only player to score 50 goals in a single La Liga Season, only player to score 91 goals in a calendar year and he also became the La Liga’s all-time leading goal scorer in 2014.
2014/15 Season Statistics

To a large extent, its irrefutable both players have mastered the art of goal scoring but who has been able to accomplish greater success from their exploits? Whilst Ronaldo has scored 324 goals in 315 appearances (as of October 2015) it is clear that his goals have not led him to much success. Ronaldo has only managed, to win 7 titles as a result which comparable to Messi is somewhat a miniature achievement. Even former Real Madrid players such as Di Stefano have scored less than Ronaldo with 308 goals but still managed to win more than double the amount of trophies that Ronaldo has won. Messi having scored 440 goals in 524 games has enjoyed more success. He has managed to win a staggering 25 titles, just over 3 times as much as Ronaldo. In this instance is clear that Messi certainly has more influence in the game.

International Football:

The performance of both players at international level is quite interesting. Whilst it is arguable that Messi has dominated Ronaldo at club level, at international level we have witnessed a different story. Ronaldo has seen more success in his playing time with Portugal. Ronaldo participated in his first international tournament at the 2004 Euros which saw him feature in the UEFA Euro All-Star Team for the competition. Messi, on the other hand had to wait till the 2006 FIFA World Cup to feature in his first international tournament. Ronaldo progressed further with Portugal in the 2006 World Cup as he made it to the semi-finals, compared to Messi who was eliminated with Argentina in the quarter finals.  At the 2014 World Cup Messi had arguably his best year with Argentina as he made it to the finals whilst Portugal were eliminated in the group stages. Messi also controversially won the golden ball. In their time with their national teams, both have managed to become captains of their teams. Ronaldo became the all-time top scorer of his country in 2014, a feat which Messi is yet to achieve. Furthermore, Ronaldo has also become the icon of his country with a large majority of Portuguese football fans regarding him the best player ever for his country. Messi has somewhat struggled to achieve this as the Argentinian fans often embrace Diego Maradona as their icon. In this topic, Ronaldo has proven himself to have more influence in the game.

Success and Achievements:

Perhaps the most priceless trophy and football’s biggest prize is the Ballon’dor. A trophy awarded to the best player in the world each year. This trophy has been won by some of the most famous players in previous generations such as, Zidane and Ronaldinho.

Messi has managed to win an unprecedented 4 consecutive Ballon’dor’s (2009, 2010, 2011&2012). He is also the youngest player to win 3 Ballon’dor’s at the breath-taking age of 24.
Ronaldo on the other hand has won 3 Ballon’dor’s (2008, 2013&2014). Although Ronaldo has been unable to succeed as much as Messi in this achievement, it has been documented by minority crowds of fans that Ronaldo suffered injustice at being denied the Ballon’dor prize in the years of 2011 and 2012.
This article was written by our guest author: Joseph Mukozho 

So now it’s up to you to decide…
Who's is better? Ronaldo or Messi? Please comment below


  1. Great article. Messi is the better of the two. But still, both are fantastic.

  2. Ronaldo is a product of talent and a rediculous amount of hard work; he's the iconic example of the 10000 hr rule. Messi is just pure natural talent. But for me Messi will always be better.

  3. Listen mate Ronald's is the better player overall. he can go to their leagues and still bang goals and he's proben that when he used to play for United. Can messi do this? If so why doesn't he? Surely the best player in the world should be able to play ass well in other leagues? Point proven Ronaldo is the best.


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