Is it the Final Whistle for Van Gaal?

Louis Van Gaal's run with Holland during the World Cup gave some hope to United fans. His 5-1 thrashing of the former wold champions, Spain, instilled a belief in us, fans, that the Moyes era is over and that it was possible to go back to our winning ways in due time. However it seems that all is not what it seems to be. We haven't won a single trophy since LVG has come in. It seems our best run of form comes in Pre-Season which is when no team actually turns up and is still jet lagged from their lavish holidays.

Even after spending £200+ million Louis Van Gaal has the same win percentage and same amount of point David Moyes had won over the same period of time into a season! That's an abomination! And last season when we started to see why we spent money for Fellaini, he was brought in by none other than David Moyes! Mata, another David Moyes signing is worth more to us United fans than Memphis or Darmian so far. Varela who's showed signs of becoming a great defender for us was the first ever signing of David Moyes. I'm not saying bring back Moyes, but what has Louis Van Gaal done that is worth credit? Other than the fact that he got us Champions League football (he just about got us that). And not to forget he got us kicked out in the group stages. Other teams like Arsenal who had a worse start than us in the group stages made it to the next round!?

Another problem the 'iron tulip' brings is his unique ability to always have fallouts with the players or media at every club he's ever managed. At Barcelona, he had a fallout with Brazilian legend Rivaldo. At Bayern, who didn't have he have a fallout with? Here he's pushing Valdes out, a highly rated goalkeeper who's won pretty much everything there is to win at Barcelona and was a vital part of the team during Guardiola's golden reign. In these testing times as Michael Carrick says we need 'unity' and I very much doubt the fact that LVG is the man to bring that in.

LVG also is very stubborn and this reflects in his inability to buy a highly respected centre back. Our 2014/15 was watching a badly run science experiment, where he was testing to see which defenders have the right qualities for this important role. We were constantly linked with Hummels before he shut us down. After that we were stuck with Evans, McNair and even Carrick at times. Thank God for Smallings revolutionary change! Ever since his red card at the Manchester Derby last season, he's showing real maturity which has lead to us having one of the best defensive records this season. But this begs the question to be asked: if it wasn't for Smalling then what would be of our defence? And could LVG possibly fix it? We know the answer to that: No. Especially not with our current defenders which LVG is happy with. I mean, really, is McNair the best from our wide array of young defenders? The other young players are pushed into do or die games and are expected to perform like what was asked of borthwick Jackson and Varela against Wolfsburg. Is this fair?

We've been playing boring football and we end up drawing or losing. We have so much pace in Lingard and Martial but it isn't utilised! LVG likes dominating possession but not dominating the score line. We've over payed for Memphis, he hasn't performed at all and scored a grand total of 5 goals this season… and he cost us more than £25 million. That stat speaks for itself.

He refuses to play players like Ander Herrera, who cost £29million, and schneirderlin, who cost us over £23 million, because he doesn't see where he can play them in the team and doesn't see enough space for them. Even though schneirderlin had a great season with Southampton last year, Louis Van Gaal is still clearly not comfortable with playing him in the big games, such as the Arsenal game where we lost 3-0.

When I saw the Louis Van Gaal conference where he demanded that the media should apologise to him, I felt sorry for him but after the Stoke defeat he didn't go out defending the team or the players or the club, he gave them another story to write! He said he might resign to save face! Faltering in the face of adversity. That was, quite frankly, a cowards move. He's resigned 6 out of his last 8 jobs and has been sacked twice, and rightly so by Bayern and Barcelona. In those two clubs he achieved two trophies in his first season but absolutely nothing in the second. And being the massive clubs they are and also the trophy demanding clubs they are, they had to move on. And now, so do we.

The top contenders for the job are Ryan Giggs, no introduction needed, and the recently sacked Jose Mourinho. Ryan Giggs has been under Louis Van Gaal wing and has been learning from him. Many United fans believe now isn't the time for him as he is inexperienced and one bad season as manager of the club could tarnish and forever scar his years of golden service to the club as a player. On the other hand we have the Portuguese who has been sacked for the worst title defence since 1991. According to the stats, Mourinho is guaranteed to win a trophy in the first two seasons that he is at a club for. Is that not good enough for you? He may not be a long term choice but he sure does deliver.

To conclude I believe Louis Van Gaal should be sacked and shouldn't be given the chance to resign. We should be looking at other options such as Mourinho or Guardiola, however the latter looks to be going to the lesser side of Manchester.

This all comes down to whether the board decide to sack Louis Van Gaal, if he resigns or if he sees out his contract as Manchester United manager until the end of next season. Whatever happens, one thing is certain - Manchester United need some silverware this season!


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