Win the FA Cup or finish 4th in the league?: Win the FA Cup of course

It is rather typical of modern football that there are fans who would rather finish 4th in the Premier League than win the FA Cup. Yes, finishing 4th is one heck of thrill, especially for Arsenal but the FA Cup is special. A day out at Wembley for the fans with all the build up the big final entails. Seeing the managers lead out the teams onto that pitch with all the traditional ceremonial customs that follow that. Regardless of the importance of finishing 4th in the league the FA Cup remains the biggest day in English football. Nothing compares to lifting that famous trophy not even the glory of that 4th place finish.

Manchester United have not won a major trophy since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. It s starting to way heavy on the club. A club that is used to constantly winning trophies. This is a new group of players who have won trophies at other clubs but not at Manchester United, winning trophies is a habit who knows what winning the FA Cup could start. Especially with the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager this Summer looking more likely every day. Winning the FA Cup could be massive in turning this group of players into winners rather than a group who are scrapping with West Ham and Southampton for 4th Place.

If Manchester United are able to overcome Everton in the semi final they will play either Watford or Crystal Palace. Both are great teams but with all due respect to them this is an incredible chance for Manchester United to win their first FA Cup in 12 years. Of course anything can happen and that's part of the magic of the FA Cup and why it's such a special competition to win but you would expect a team worth over 300 million to be able to overcome Watford or Crystal Palace.

If you asked the fans of Manchester United what they'd prefer: win the FA Cup or finish 4th. The vast majority would say they'd rather win the FA Cup any day of the week. Maybe I am old fashioned and still like to think romantically but the FA Cup is the FA Cup what a competition it is. The history of this cup is just incredible to be able to win it is an honour. The fans will remember the day their team won the FA Cup they wont remember the day they secured a 4th placed finish in the league. Winning the FA Cup is a celebration it's a trophy to add to the vast collection. Finishing 4th is not a celebration it is an embarrassment for Manchester United. So, if you ask me what I would rather of course I would rather win the FA Cup every time it's not even a question for me. Let's not fall into the Arsenal cycle of mediocrity and celebrating 4th place finishes.


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