Manchester United vs AFC Bournemouth Updates

Manchester United were supposed to host AFC Bournemouth for the last game of the 2015-16 Premier League season, however, after a suspicious package was reported in the North West corner of Old Trafford, the match was delayed and finally abandoned upon its discovery. 
It was an intense situation as players waited in the dressing room while the Stretford End and Sir Alex Ferguson stand were evacuated, everyone cooperated and no panic was reported. The match was called off and a controlled explosion was carried out
According to the Daily Mail, the package was a dummy and the entire shenanigan took place because of a security error, we can expect a sacking in the coming days then, not sure if LVG would be the one to go though. This was confirmed in a statement by Assistant Chief Constable John O'Hare.
There were several rumours about the rescheduling of the match with some claiming that it would be considered a 0-0 draw (much like most of Manchester United's season) but that was all put to rest with an official announcement by the Premier League and Manchester United that the match will be played on 17th of May at 20:00 BST 
Manchester United's champions league hopes were destroyed as rivals Manchester City drew with Swansea to stay in fourth place but a win now would allow them to secure fifth position (currently taken by Southampton) and head into the Europa League while AFC Bournemouth could jump up to 14th place with one.


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