Germany vs Poland – Match Analysis

Pre Match Thoughts
Coming into this game on paper, Germany look very much like the said that will dominate this game and the quality of their players as well as their stunning squad depth is beyond belief, it can only be a recipe for success. I think there is great expectation for Germany to win this game too as this would seal their place in the knock out stages. However, Poland did record a fine 1-0 win over Northern Ireland in their previous and you can’t go wrong when you have on the best strikers in Europe, Lewandowski.

1st Half
The German team has looked somewhat toothless in this first half as the seem to lack that cutting edge to take advantage of their domination of this game. In fact, they have failed to register a shot on target at all which does tell you all you need to know; they simply lack conviction which is very unlike them.  Therefore, I think it’s fair to say that what we have seen is one team dominating the ball but failing to exploit their possession-dominance and another team appearing to sit back and wait for a chance to counter-attack which seems the reasonable thing to do when you can’t exactly win the ball back and you are without it for long periods of the game. I suspect that if the game continues to be like this then in the second half we could possibly see Poland come out of their shell more because Germany are failing to be clinical and ruthless with their chances. I do think that Poland may create a few chances in the second half that may just bring some life into this game.

2nd Half
Well the game seems to have taken an unexpected course here as Poland seem to be creating the better chances but striker Milik has missed two great opportunities which were begging to be put away. I simply wonder if those chances had fallen to their prowess striker Lewandowski whether Poland would have been 2-0 up and caused the first big upset of this tournament. Again Germany have continued to dominate possession but they are failing to pose any form of threat to the Poland Goalkeeper Fabianski. The lack of ruthlessness of Germany has given Pol and a significant rise in confidence and frankly they should have been put ahead 47 seconds after the restart had Milik not missed such as rare and crucial goal-scoring opportunity. Also I think what contributes to Germany’s lack of ruthlessness is the missing figure of a recognisable No. 9 upfront. Yes, Gotze is a world class player, there is no doubt about that, but he isn’t what Germany needs upfront at this very moment, they perhaps need someone like Gomez, to provide that threat in the air aswell as on the ground. I’m afraid Gotze simply lacks that strikers’ instinct.


I think possibly Germany do need to re-arrange their front three if they are to become more of an attacking threat and I think the way to do this is to have Muller upfront and then replace Gotze with Schurrle so that he can play the Right Midfield slot. This way Germany will have more threat from Muller who is very good in the box and also maintain the threat from the wings from Schurrle and Draxler.t eh other option of course is to simply switch Gotze for Gomez which probably the easier and doable option. The result of the game does open up group C with Germany and Poland on 4 points and Northern Ireland who face Germany on Tuesday, just a point behind after their historic win over Ukraine.


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