Why Marcus Rashford is the perfect 10

Image from Daily Mirror
As we all know by now, we have a new number ten! And no it isnt a new signing, its the homegrown Manchester United Academy graduate.


Yes, many people may argue and question weather or not if the kid is "ready" for the legendary number 10 jersey, as if the jersey makes the player?

But instead of questioning Jose Mourhino, Rashford or even yourselves. Let me tell you why Marcus Rashford is the perfect 10 for the Red Devils.

M.Rashford having the number 10 can mean only two things. Make Or Break! Wearing the legendary number worn by greats can lead him into the same path as those who once wore it. OR it can break him in a way where we know that the kid isn't cut out for the jersey or let alone, maybe even the Football Club. It will be lots of pressure on him history wise and social media wise and giving him the number 10 could truly test his character as a player.

Entering his 3rd full season with the senior team and despite not being in the starting Xl every weekend and not being able to attack very often, Rashford still manages to assist his teammates and score, let alone having double digits despite playing what fans might say 'Negative Football'. Rashford has already shown great character by keeping his head high and pushing himself on and off the pitch.

Not only does it make the young lad himself look good but it also makes the Club itself look good. How?

Simply because it shows that we still believe in our youths and honestly many people should probably appreciate it more than they are, it sends a statement about how serious they take the youth. 

Rashford coming into the team at such a young age and giving everything he can to this famous football club has shown why he should be the new number 10, he understands and wears the badge with passion just like his idol Wayne Rooney, who I'm sure He's learned a lot from. That's what we honestly need at the moment. It wouldn't surprise me if he's named captain after Antonio Valencia!
And it also shows how much Jose believes in him and I'm sure he's in his plans in the coming season!

Marcus Rashford is going to have a big and important task in front of him this season, but I am positive he will prove many critics wrong.


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