Manchester United vs Chelsea FA Cup Final Player Ratings

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: 4-3-3. Mourinho opted for 4 at the back with 2 firing forward, it led to a lot of possession and United looked dangerous in attack, but with routinely 2 at the back, United was vulnerable to the counter.  Ultimately, the counter killed United along with United's inability to be clinical; an issue all season long.

De Gea, 7 - He was his usual solid self but United needed the spectacular. Beat on the penalty, hard to fault him on that, but ultimately, the "best keeper in the world" must sometimes come up with the spectacular.

Valencia, 8 - United's best wingback on the day, a constant threat up front, should have been involved in a goal, but United couldn't finish the play.

Jones, 4 - Simply awful.  At fault for the goal.  He needs to apply his trade elsewhere next season, or be only squad depth.

Smalling, 6 - Not awful, but really, is this what we expect of our center backs? Where on earth was Bailly?

Young, 4 - Provided an outlet for  the attack, he's a pro's pro, but ultimately, his crosses were terrible.  Chelsea was unconcerned with his runs and the were right to be unconcerned.

Herrera, 5 - Terrible. offered nothing in attack, and nothing on defense. Simply ate space.

Matic, 6 - Not really at fault for anything, one decent attempt at goal, but easy for the keeper.

Pogba, 4 - Awful. Lazy defending, ill-advised shot attempts and a free header in front couldn't even hit the target.  People blame Mourinho for their "relationship", is it ever on the player? He has been average for a long time. Michael Carrick comes into the 11 for one last hurrah, hits a perfect long ball, meanwhile, Pogba is still trying to dribble out of his own half.

Sanchez, 5 - Not good enough.  Remember when he played for Arsenal and was always the "best player on the pitch"?  Yeah, that was fun for Arsenal.

Lingard, 5 - Wembley magic? Not today.

Rashford, 5 - Did he even play?

Subs: Martial (73d minute for Lingard) - 4, inconsistent as he has been all year.  Didn't make France's World Cup squad for a reason and it wasn't Mourinho.

Lukaku, (73d minute for Rashford), - 5 - There were questions about his fitness for the match, and his performance lacked crispness, they needed him out there fully fit from the start.  The entire attack this season has hinged on Lukaku's form, and with him basically unavailable, United predictably couldn't finish chances.

Mata, (87th minute for Jones) - NA, - Couldn't get into the attack in roughly 8 minutes of game time.


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